“What is wounded in relationship must be healed in relationship.”

– Dr. K. Alexandra Onno

The private counseling practice of Andrew & Christy Bauman


Please find more information about Andrew’s private counseling practice, Christian Counseling Center: For Sexual Health & Trauma (CCC) at www.ChristianCC.org

(Please pay below, it is not a “Donation” but for a counseling service with the CCC) 

Andrew is an emotional sidekick: backing you in the fight to win your life, weeping with you in the mess, and helping you pick yourself up when you fall. Besides my spouse, I’ve never been so mad at and grateful for the same person in under 45 minutes. Working with Andrew changed–is still changing–me.


In working with Andrew I have come to realize the pervasive self-contempt that permeated much of how I saw myself and was at the root of an addiction that was wrecking my relationships and sapping my passion for life.  He has unwaveringly, yet kindly, brought me back to the question of what kindness towards myself. In that space, I have learned to be curious and compassionate toward myself.  I’ve learned to mourn the broken places in my heart.  And I’ve become truly invested in my own healing journey.


Andrew is a fierce and kind warrior. I would not be the person I am today if not for his courage and the faith he has continually showed in me.


Andrew gives voice to truth with boldness. He wages war against lies, against what Evil intends and has used to harm with a fierce passion. I am changed because of him.


Andrew, Thank you for showing up to do the lonely work. I have changed and I am grateful.


Andrew was masterful in his approach and in his care I felt powerful when I was most vulnerable.


Andrew is a kind liberator.