Counting Condoms & Learning Goodbye

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For the last couple of years, I have created an odd and somewhat soothing ritual. As I talk on the phone with my clients (who are men struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors) from all over the nation, I count condoms. Odd, yes, but you have to know a little bit [...]

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God’s Creation: Informing the Beauty of Who We Are

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For over 30 years, I’ve been drawing the same image. It's a large oak tree, some green grass, a few shadowy mountains in the background with a vast sky, a few puffy clouds and a bright yellow sun in the upper left corner. (I drew it for you, I’m no [...]

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Launch of the CCC

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Christy Bauman and I are excited to announce our new business name to account for the increased growth and demand. It's been exciting to host people from all over the country. Such an honor to step into the most sacred parts of people's stories. Thank you for your referrals and [...]

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Learning to Write: With Body & Heart

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I am often asked about the writing process: how did I become a “real” author? Despite having published several books, at times I still don’t feel like a “real” author, and I don’t know if I ever will. I suspect that my feeling of not being a “real” writer stems [...]

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Cycle of Calling

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©Andrew Bauman 2017 all rights reserved                  As you are attempting to step into your vocation and meaningful life’s work you must consider the graph above, what I call the “Cycle of Calling”. The first step to knowing what you are meant to [...]

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