Dear God, 

Sustainer of life, redeemer of what is broken. 

I need you. I need you to be close by, my heart and body are weary. 

Exhausted from the pain of my partner’s projections onto me. His insecurities, his unfair judgments, entitlement, and lack of healing his own wounding, I can no longer bear it.

My God, come, be with me, I am so tired. 

Give me the power to say, “No more!”. 

Strength and safety if I need to walk away for good. 

May I stand in the glory of bearing your image, knowing my deep goodness, beauty, brilliance, and power. May I know that I am Queen. 

May I have the courage to step away from the position of “saving” my partner, knowing that “saving” is your work, and your work alone. 

Help me both rest and fight. Rest into knowing the fullness of my identity and the fight to war against Evil that is trying to steal, kill and destroy me. 

Yes, God, sustainer of life, redeemer of what is broken. 

Let it be.