A Poem for those of us with Anxiety

By: Andrew J. Bauman


At ease dear one.

With the weight of the world on your shoulders,
and the weight of your shoulders on the world,

At ease.

At ease strong one.

With your mind running circles around those circles,
Choking thought, straining voice, remove the hold, stick out your chest, breath, breath.

At ease peaceful one.

Yet its coming! My anxiety crouches in my corners watching, awaiting.

She’s ready to pounce and on my past shame, my current failures and devour my future dreams.

She is fierce and relentless.

At ease free one.

You are forgiven.

You are better than you think you are.

Anxiety does not have the last word on your deep goodness.

My child go play.

Breath deeply.


It is not up to you.