Our genitals are good. 

They were made for giving and receiving pleasure, new life, and experiencing radical divine joy. 

Many times our sexual organs get a bad rap. Sometimes we feel they have betrayed us. This happens often in the context of sexual abuse. Many victims of sexual abuse experience a sense of arousal or even pleasure in the midst of the abuse. This reality can be incredibly confusing, even convincing victims that their genitals are the problem, cursing them for life. Often it is easier to place blame on our sexual organs than to feel the weight of betrayal by the perpetrator. 

It is not our genitals that betray us, but our trusted friend or family member. (95% of sexually abused children will be abused by someone they know and trust, NAPCAN 2009). 

Vaginas, vulvas, penises, and testicles are radically good, and God named them so at the beginning (Genesis 1:31). It’s time we take back what Evil has tried to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10), time to redeem what Evil meant to harm and God meant for good (Genesis 50:20). We start this reclaiming of our bodies by actively blessing them rather than cursing. So what does this blessing look like? Below is an example from a past client who had the courage to fight Evil through blessing. 


I have had a very dysfunctional and broken relationship with my penis. That is now going to change. I will no longer condemn and curse my penis, but will be very intentional about blessing and courageously honoring my penis. My penis was given to me by a powerful, gracious God. I now repent of my disgust and cursing of my penis. I honor the gift that it is to me. I celebrate the beauty that it is intended to bring to my life. I honor the joy and delight that it is intended to bring to my wife and me in our marriage. I am proud that I am a man and that I have this amazing gift that is intended for joy, delight, and honor. So, to my penis, I ask forgiveness for all these years of disgust, disdain and hate. I choose to be proud of my penis and give myself full permission to enjoy the delight and pleasure that it was created to bring.  


Let it be. 


May we all have the courage to bless what we have historically cursed in our story.