God went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.  

She loved the water.

It was cold and refreshing, though the salt made Her eyes burn. 

The water was dark and holy.

She liked to be dunked under it by Her dad. 

Some call it baptism, God called it Her bathtub.

She used the coral reef as a loofah for those hard to reach places on Her lower spine, 

and the starfish to exfoliate Her face to make it more

Shekinah-like, Her complexion flawless.  

God combed the ocean floor with Her toes looking for sand dollars; they make the best Frisbees.  

She finished Her day at the ocean by playing at the beach, burying Her entire body in the sand so only Her head stuck out. 

It reminded Her of when She made that crazy promise to Abraham about his descendants being more numerous than the sand. 

That was a crazy one.  

God adores sand because it reminds Her of how much She loves us.