• This past week I spent in Ashland, OR at the Masters Center for Transformation, facilitated by Dr. Robert Masters (http://robertmasters.com/) . It was some of the deepest psychospiritual healing work I have ever done in my life. I laughed, I yelled, I moaned, I sang, I mourned, I grieved, and I courageously confronted some of my deepest stories of sexual shame. Truly a healing and life changing experience. Below is the poem I wrote in honor of myself and the other courageous men I worked alongside.


Goodness is here, though it nearly killed me, I have survived to taste it’s sweetest.

Goodness is here, though I have deep scars, the blood has dried and I am alive and whole.

Goodness is here, deep within my bones, yes, oh yes, my belly knows, that goodness is here.

Within my tender face, my power has been made clear, where my shame has a name that’s not my own, goodness is here.

Though my blood and guts have been spilled, my courage has been fulfilled, I have lived into my son’s name.

My warrior and my little boy have become one, with kindness and strength having won, yes, deep goodness is here.

The kindness of these men’s eyes, have been my steady guide, holding my shame close, kissing my shame’s warts, goodness is here.

As I walk away, I feel seasoned, older, braver, wiser.

I turn away from this battlefield and courageously walk into another, awaiting and knowing that goodness is here, wherever I now may go.