Oh my River boy.

You surprised us, son. 5 weeks early, narrowly escaping death, you, my son, are fearless. And what a terrifying gift you are.

Your mother and I simultaneously wept and held our breath awaiting your first cry. And cry you did! It was loud, a voice of power, you said without saying, “I may be small, but I am a boy to be reckoned with!”

How are you so small, yet so big?

You have a couple weeks left in the hospital. We will be with you. You have a large community of friends and family who are wild about meeting you. You have to rest up, receiving love can be hard work.

I am so proud of you; I am so proud that I have been chosen to father you. I am blessed to father a son who already knows how to mock death and laugh at life.

I have much to learn from you.

I love you, son.