Have you ever heard the story of how traditional pearl divers dive for pearls?

Mark Nepo shares in his book, The Book of Awakening, this powerful metaphor on relationships. 

Pearl divers dive in pairs, without oxygen tanks, and they need each other to have a successful dive. While he dives below the surface he searches for the beautiful prize. She is above counting his air time, making sure his line is clear and there is no danger in sight. She waits on the surface to see what treasures he has discovered and she is excited to hear the stories of his adventure below. Once the line is tugged, he swallows his last breath and begins the ascent upwards. Then they switch; it is now her turn. She then dives. Within the safety of knowing her partner is counting her air and protecting her line, she can be free to explore knowing that she is safe and being cared for, that someone is watching out for her best interest. 

This is the picture of equal partnership. Are you a husband who has been out adventuring while your wife has been home taking care of the home, the kids, and counting your air time? When is it her turn? When will you protect her so she can go out and discover the beauty this world has to offer? Has your partnership been more one-sided? Have you been selfish with your time while not appreciating the work your wife is doing on your behalf? Will you support her with the same ferociousness that she has you? 

It’s time for her to swim free and for you to enjoy her untamed pleasure. 

Man uses rope and basket to help with his pearl diving venture.

 Image Source: Angies Diary