We cry out for attachment through our excessive violence, our lack of school attendance, the amount of women we seduce, and few understand why we act out.

In just three decades, the number of boys living without their biological fathers has doubled. Fifty percent of American children tonight will go to bed without their father’s touch. Eighty-five percent of our prisons are filled with these fatherless men.

Hear the voice of sons, calling out to fathers across our nation: Father us!

Hurry! Make peace with your darkness and find your true selves, so that you can find us. We are the fatherless sons, crying out for love.

We are screaming for connection; longing for your involvement in our lives. We don’t want your money; your jokes. We don’t want your choices, or your addictions that addict us.

We want your presence.

Yes, your presence. We want the stubble on your face to rub our faces raw, we want to climb into your lap and know we are safe in your strength and gentleness. We want you to teach us how to be men in this world of imposters. We are orphans; too scared to lead, too afraid to be alone, and desperately alone. 

Hear the voice of sons.

We do not condemn you; we need you to be fathers so that we can be sons.