Hello, Grief.

Come into my house; make yourself comfortable.

I trust you, as you are a relentless yet steady companion. 

Come to my table. Yes, my friend, you are invited to eat.

You may have the seat of honor, for though I do not love you, I respect you. 

I no longer fear you.

I have seen what you are capable of, yet I am still here, and I am even more powerful since you have left your mark. 

Gorge yourself on my flesh, for I have made peace with your pain, I have frolicked in my death and I am safe.

When you have had your fill, you may go.  You are welcome to return, for I am now committed to being hospitable to you, Grief.

I know I cannot stop you, though I tried for far too long.

So I welcome you, I welcome you home.