During my 13-year addiction to pornography and 20-year addiction to the objectification of women, I am wondering what my penis would have said if it had a voice? Strange, as it may sound, each of our body parts has a story to tell. Will you listen? Will you listen to what your breasts have to say? Your genitals? Your gut? Your thighs? Will you let the parts of your body have a voice? My penis now would say something very different than it did during my compulsive misbehavior. Yet, I am regularly surprised by how my body is good and how much I have warred against it. I have now learned if I curse my body or any part of my body, I curse the very God who made it. 

Here is my piece below 

What If My Penis Could Talk?

It would say... 

"Stop using me. 

Nothing you can do will satisfy me, because what you are trying to satisfy has nothing to do with me.  

You have used me as a weapon, a tool, because you, not me are selfish and only about your own pleasure.  

I am not your enemy, you blamed me for your lusts and you're ongoing troubles with women, yet it is you who are unwilling to heal, it is your mind which became pornographic. 

I am not mad at you because you haven't led me, or shown me my purpose, how could you have for no one had ever shown you yours? You hate what I have become, yet it is you who neglected to parent me, I forgive you because I know you were an orphan as well. 

So I ask why do you curse me when it is you abusing me? 

You hate me because you hate yourself. 

What if you bless me? Would that expose your deep fears? Your crippling insecurities? 

If you release your commitment to annihilate me, the very thing God created to help bring life, what will you find? 

I believe you will find God's wide smile, deep embodied wisdom, and our fierce goodness."