God wasn’t that good, but he loved the game. 

He loved the smell of felt, whacking the ball as hard as he could into the back cobblestone fence, even enjoying a little smack talk with Simon Peter, as God knew exactly how to get into his head. 

What God liked most about tennis was the power. For so many years he willfully gave his power away; this felt like a nice change, with a racquet in his hand. A well-hit serve had a similar thrill to the resurrection! What a rush that was! 

God never played tennis competitively per se, he just liked to test if his old body could still move like it once did.  

You should have seen him 2000 years ago on the clay courts. Andrew and James, Son of Zebedee would stretch their fishing nets tight across the dirt and voilà! Jesus would move quickly, like an ox falling in a well on the Sabbath quick. He ignored Judas making side bets with Matthew. 

What was nice was they never needed a line judge in their matches against each other; they had The Judge there. Yea, the whole omniscient thing was a little unfair, but no one ever dared to question his calls. 

It always annoyed the Apostles that no matter what the score was, God would say, “Love/Love”. 

Like he had something to say about Love or was the reason for it.