I carefully make my way to the edge, there I find her. 

My Delight. 

She is timid at first, not knowing if she can trust my approach. 

You see, I have been a stranger, 

Lacking the courage to pursue. 

I am afraid of what she will require of me. 

I approach slowly, bow low. I open my hands in humble gratitude.

Oh, Delight, how I have missed you! Old friend, lover, and confidant. 

I threw you away, pushed away your sacred touch; cheaply discarded your beauty.

Delight, I am so sorry. I deeply regret how I have feared you. 

I could not see you clearly through my self-hatred and shame. 

I surrender these selfish defenses, I lay down my self-serving protections, and I choose you; 

I choose me. 

I choose to delight in my goodness and glory. 

I choose to rest in my beauty, to own my smile. 

Delight, you are now home.